Workforce Compliance in 2021: The Top 7 Legislation Changes to Watch Under the Biden Administration

How New Labor Policies May Impact Large Hourly Workforces

As the Trump administration gives way to the Biden presidency, employers are bracing for change. Between President Trump’s adamant pro-business philosophy and President Biden’s longstanding pro-worker stance, just how extreme will these changes be?

More specifically, how will they impact employers that manage an hourly workforce?

Join EPAY Systems’ HR Consultant, Anna Pajor, SPHR, as she shares the crucial information that every human resource professional with a large hourly workforce needs to know about potential legislation changes in 2021 and what they can do to stay compliant. During this 1-hour session, Anna will share information on:

  • The Top 7 Labor Law Changes to Watch
  • Expectations of Stricter DOL Enforcement
  • How to Create a Playbook for What Lies Ahead
  • How EPAY Can Help You Stay Compliant


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