EPAY has always strived to provide customers with exceptional value within its technology platform through continued improvements and feature enhancements.

TLM v5.6 feature enhancements will help you improve process efficiency and streamline organizational operations to help further reduce labor costs. This release will be deployed on November 15, 2022.

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Display Employee Hire Date to Manager while approving their bid

A number of users have requested the ability to give a shift bidding priority to employees based on tenure. To make this as convenient as possible for Managers, they can now view an employee’s Hire Date on the shift approval page. This feature will help Managers prioritize those employees in their bids with longer tenure within the organization. 

Managers will be able to see the Hire Date of an employee while approving their bids for shifts in the TLM application.


Display an employee’s last OT day to Manager while approving their bid

Overtime (OT) is often a significant contributor to overall labor costs. We made a few changes to help you tackle it better. As you allocate shifts amongst your workers, you can now see the last OT availed by an employee right on the portal. This feature can help you and your Managers have more oversight when approving shift bids of employees with overtime hours.

Managers can sort based on both of the above features including “Hire Date” and “Last OT On”


Proximity search narrows down to decimal places; sorting based on proximity column in Assign Shift Slots.

As a Manager, if you wish to schedule slots for employees or assign them shifts, you may also do this based on a detailed proximity of the respective employee to the site location. 

This additional insight will help you narrow down your search by decimal place in order to refine the search criteria while assigning shifts.


Introducing new punch exceptions for mobile punches.

Managers will now have the ability to identify and address a number of new exceptions generated from mobile punches, such as an attempted Fake GPS punch or manual hourly entry for a GPS punch, helping minimize the cost and interruption of such exceptions.

Managers may now take necessary action against these exceptions.


PTO Enhancements

Introduction of a new user Role to override PTO balances

Managers may now be permitted to add PTO hours for employees when the “Allow Negative Balances” feature is disabled in the PTO plan setup. Managers with the new “Override negative PTO balance” setting enabled will be authorized to add PTO hours despite the settings configured at the PTO plan level. 

This change can help organizations remain compliant with company policies when it is necessary to pay PTO hours to employees with a negative or zero balance.


PTO history to provide “Last Modified By” & “Last Modified On” information

The payroll team can now see who’s making changes in the employee PTO balances without taking extra steps to review the “Punches” section. This new time-saving update allows Payroll Managers to keep an eye on the changes being made at the role level. 

This added visibility will help your organization for more efficient and transparent record-keeping practices.


View a single record for each PTO Rate Type with easy access to view history

The “Personal Time Off” screen within the employee’s profile has now been simplified.

Managers will now only be presented with the latest PTO record for each Rate Type. All other historical entries and information is archived and can now be easily accessed in the History screen using the provided link.

This will improve the Manager’s experience in reviewing both current and historical PTO data.


Automatically allocate PTO balances to the next period

Carrying forward unused PTO balances to the next period can now be automated. In place of doing this carryover manually, this new Carry Forward flag feature within the employee profile allows the unused PTO for certain rate types to be automatically carried into the next year, saving managers valuable time and reducing potential errors.


Contact the EPAY Customer Service Team or visit our Customer Resource Center to learn more about new release items.