How to Combat Time Theft for the Hourly Workforce

Every large hourly workforce needs to know this crucial information about combating workforce time theft.

It’s been estimated that U.S. employers lose more than $400 billion in productivity yearly from workforce time theft. However, the rise of powerful biometric and workforce management technology, reporting analytics, and HR policies, has allowed employers to turn the tide. 

During this session, EPAY’s Sr. HR Advisor, Anna Pajor, SPHR, shares valuable information on: 

  • Time theft forms, costs, and why it matters 
  • How to identify and address time theft 
  • Solutions for time theft and benefits of Biometric Technology

Watch the Recording

Anna Pajor, SPHR
Senior HR Advisor, EPAY

Anna Pajor, SPHR, EPAY’s Senior HR Advisor, has directed and managed in-house human resources, set up HR processes for start-up companies, and developed a streamlined process for clients through consulting services. While at EPAY, Anna has worked with many clients to develop custom HR packages including managed HR services and Compliance Essentials.

Cristen Justiss
Area Vice President, EPAY

Cristen Justiss is the Area Vice President of HCM sales at EPAY Systems. She supports a team of talented sellers in meeting and exceeding their business goals. With nearly 10 years of HCM experience, she has a passion for helping companies improve their bottom line with automation through technology.

Jeremy Fullmer, FPC
Solutions Consultant, EPAY

Jeremy Fullmer is a Solutions Consultant at EPAY Systems with a track record for innovation by creating and offering internal and external solutions. Throughout his career, he has worked closely with operations in payroll and implementation. He has recently joined the sales organization to create a positive impact on their processes and further rounding out his skill set as an industry professional.