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Tech-forward Get Clean Services Wows Clients—and Employees—with EPAY’s HCM System

As part of its U.S. expansion strategy, ATALIAN acquired four regional firms between 2016 and 2017. However, each subsidiary had its own payroll, HR, and time and labor software. Managing these disjointed systems created payroll and compliance challenges, as well as financial inefficiencies. So, in 2019, ATALIAN launched an initiative to choose a single HCM system that would serve all subsidiaries equally well.

Learn how switching to EPAY's human capital management system:

  • Saved them $4.76M in one year
  • Made their HR and payroll faster and easier
  • Helped them manage COVID
  • Provided “Phenomenal” Service

Company Overview:
Get Clean Services LLC is an experienced, fastgrowing janitorial company based in Dallas, Texas. In addition to its seasoned leadership staff, the minority-owned company is known for leveraging state-of-the-art technology, including robotics, AI, and data analytics. Get Clean operates in hundreds of worksites across 20 states and is poised for rapid expansion.

The Challenge:
Find a complete HCM system that is tech-forward and designed for the janitorial industry—and that helps maintain compliance and control labor costs.

The Solution: 
EPAY Human Capital Management system, which:

    • Is the leading HR software provider for
      the cleaning industry
    • Offers tech-based workforce management
      tools designed for the hourly, distributed
    • Provides advanced reporting and analytics
The Benefits: 
    • Saves time—makes HR and payroll faster and easier
    • Helps maintain compliance and control labor dollars
    • Helps manage challenges presented by COVID
    • Offers superior service
Quote - Charles Herrera Get Clean Founder
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