Webinar: How to Lower Healthcare Costs in the Face of Healthcare Reform Uncertainty

Featuring Professional Benefits Administration

Rising healthcare costs have presented challenges for many companies across the U.S., as they struggle to find affordable group health insurance solutions that help them retain critical talent. With healthcare costs likely being the second or third largest corporate expense behind payroll, it’s essential to understand the dynamics of different healthcare plan options, cost drivers and ways to control the increases.

When it comes to group health insurance, there are ways to save money—regardless of how your company’s healthcare plan is currently set up. The method of self-funding with a third party administrator (TPA) is growing in popularity not just among large employers but small businesses, too. This option can help companies mitigate the risk of rising health insurance premiums while continuing to provide employees with health coverage.

Watch the recorded webinar to see EPAY Systems and Professional Benefit Administrators discuss how to lower healthcare costs in the face of healthcare reform uncertainty.

Watch the Webinar


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