Reducing Labor Spend in the Wake of Uncertainty

Using Workforce Analytics to Target Hiring and Operational Issues that Inflate Your Costs - Down to the Site and Supervisor Level

During uncertain times, ensuring each of your worksites is staffed accordingly to meet the business needs while keeping an eye on profitability targets has become increasingly difficult. But there is a solution! By using workforce analytics you can identify the hiring, retention, and operational issues that inflate costs and have a direct impact on your profit. You can then target those specific issues down to the manager and worksite level to address them and improve operations quickly.

Join Human Capital Management Institute’s Founder & CEO, Jeff Higgins, as he discusses the underlying drivers of your company’s overall workforce cost and how you can address them even during an uncertain economy. Jeff will review how to uncover actionable insights through workforce analytics that will help you reduce your workforce cost and find the best sources for new employees and how to identify where employee turnover is out of control. He will also cover how to measure the ROI of the adjustments you make based on those insights.

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