Webinar: How to Maintain Biometric Privacy

And Avoid Liability With Confidence

Biometric technology has launched us into a new era of HR. With the use of fingerprints, facial scans, and other types of biometric information- secure systems access, property security, and record-keeping have never been easier. 

However, in spite of the newfound security and workforce optimization, unsuspecting employers are facing costly compliance fees and even civil lawsuits for the mishandling and misuse of employees’ private data. Don’t get caught up in the storm!

In our 60 minute webinar we cover:

  • Biometrics and what biometric information privacy entails
  • Compliance requirements for employers’ collection, use, and retention of employee biometric data
  • Employing legal and internal HR policies related to biometric information
  • Examples of labor cost reductions, improved productivity, compliance safeguards with biometric analytics

Watch the Webinar

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