Recorded Webinar: Navigating Paid Sick Leave Law

Challenges, Practical Implications and Best Practices Featuring Seyfarth Shaw Partner, Tracy Billows

Join EPAY Systems and Seyfarth Shaw for a comprehensive discussion on the paid sick leave landscape, and learn how to avoid litigation and enforcement actions.

Over the last few years, paid sick leave has been one of the most rapidly growing areas in employment law. In the past, paid sick leave for private employers was not mandatory and instead, a benefit employers could elect to offer some or all of their employees. However, today’s paid sick leave landscape is significantly more complex, as the number of existing paid sick leave laws has grown.

Emerging paid sick leave legislation does not bode well for employers. In fact, several major cities have recently passed paid sick leave ordinances with many more cities expected to follow suit. The U.S. Department of Labor is on track to publish final regulations that would extend paid sick leave benefits to certain employees of many federal contractors by January 1, 2017.

In this webinar, you’ll get relevant information directly from a legal expert including:

  • Recently passed and pending paid sick leave legislation that expands employers’ obligations
  • Potential employer pitfalls from paid sick leave ordinances
  • Best practices for employers for complying with paid sick leave legislation

Watch the Webinar


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