Webinar: Do I Have to Pay for That?

Navigating the Pitfalls of Wage and Hour Laws Featuring Seyfarth Shaw LLP

Companies can run into major problems if they fail to pay their employees for all compensable work time. The complexity of the FLSA’s rules and different state requirements—like strict California meal break laws—can cause confusion among employers as to whether certain time counts as compensable work hours. As a result, employers are frequently defending against costly wage and hour lawsuits.

With big verdicts, record settlements, increasing worker awareness, and widespread public attention to how employees are paid, it’s no surprise that the number of wage and hour lawsuits is increasing. Given these factors, employers should tread carefully when determining payment for employees.

View the recorded webinar to watch how EPAY Systems and Seyfarth Shaw dive into the legal requirements for paying employees for meal and rest breaks, travel time and on-call time.

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