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Webinar: I-9 Compliance Adapting to Trump's Immigration Changes

Presented by Anna Pajor, SPHR

I-9 complianceIt’s no secret, I-9s are incredibly complicated. There are over 900 pages of guides, handbooks and websites published by the government to help. On top of that, simple mistakes can turn into major violations – costing up to $2,236 per violation!

Our 1-hour presentation will cover:

  • Changes in I-9 and Immigration Enforcement
  • I-9 strategies for a distributed workforce
  • Correcting I-9s
  • What to do in case of an I-9 audit

Join EPAY Systems and Anna Pajor SPHR as we cover I-9 strategies to help ensure compliance and prevent violations (and their costly consequence).

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Watch Now

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Phil Gaudy

Executive Vice President, Interstate Cleaning Corporation