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Free Employee Engagement Survey Template

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Engagement is a hot topic and its no wonder why when disengagement can cost companies $450 to $550 billion dollars annually. Companies with engaged employees out perform those without by 202%. These are huge margins over engagement alone.

The best way to start understanding if your employees are engaged is by conducting an Engagement Survey.

Download our free Employee Engagement Survey Template and start increasing your employee engagement today.


The sample Employee Engagement Survey template includes:

  • Different sections to survey mulitple areas of your business
  • Questions that can be used to survey any kind of workforce
  • Questions that will drive results
  • Easy to use format
  • Much more!
Fill out the form and download the survey template today!


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Because of EPAY Systems, we have attained real-time transparency into our workforce.

Phil Gaudy

Executive Vice President, Interstate Cleaning Corporation