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Upcoming Webinar: Put an End to Workforce Time Theft

Introducing EPAY Systems’ Facial Recognition for Time Clocks and Mobile App

November 9, 2017
10:00 AM Central| 11:00 AM Eastern| 8:00 AM Pacific

What does employee time theft cost your business? One recent study estimates that it costs more than $400 billion—for U.S. employers alone. Worse yet, what if your managers are inflating payroll dollars intentionally (i.e., helping employees steal time) or unintentionally (i.e., running lackadaisical clock in/clock out protocols)?

Whether biometrics don’t seem to be gelling with your workforce or you suspect time sheets are being manipulated to your company’s disadvantage, this session will explore tools that will reduce your time theft drastically.

EPAY Systems recently announced cutting-edge facial recognition technology for our time clocks and mobile app products. This incredibly fast and accurate technology, along with our advanced fingerprint biometrics and workforce analytics tools, will practically end time theft at the point of clock-in/clock-out.  With EPAY’s workforce analytics and custom reporting, you’ll have access to dashboards that offer easy to understand charts and tables to help you identify time theft incidents at the source. 

Join us for a 45-minute webinar. We'll cover:

  • Common forms of time theft and how to prevent them
  • Pros and cons of various biometric options
  • A sneak peak of EPAY's new facial recognition time clock and mobile app

  • A tour of EPAY's workforce analytics dashboard that can help you identify potential time theft and operational problem sites and/or managers

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Because of EPAY Systems, we have attained real-time transparency into our workforce.

Phil Gaudy

Executive Vice President, Interstate Cleaning Corporation